Most wonderfull replacement: Concrete5

What do you use as a Interakt Extension Replacement.
Give the pros and cons of the application and where to find it.
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Most wonderfull replacement: Concrete5

Post by boglan366 » 2013-06-20 17:06

Hi! To all.

Just want to share this with you guys.

The overtaking from Interakt by Adobe was a expensive lesson for me.
So let not talk about that anymore...grrrrr..

I just quit in 2010 using Adobe Dreamweaver and any Extensions involved.
Going totaly open source cms.
Did try out many cms open souce software packages.
Most cms's are not very flexible, but one i did really like: Concrete5
I choose to go for concrete5(.org) for future use.
So now i am 3 years further and concrete5 has many new futures and just stands out above the other cms software for his nice frontend editing.
Concrete5 has many build in functionality, that it can totally replace all interakt extensions.
There are many add-ons for concrete5 that are free or go from € 15,00 till € 150,00 euro.

Conrete5 is all about blocks. Very visual frontend at blocks to pages and choose with add-on to use in that block.
Blocks can be moved around on the page, can be copied and paste.
Just add a few rules off code to make a static website editable.
Totaly documented API.
Theming is very easy.
Low learning curve.
Really "what you see is what you get" editing cms.

You can tryout Concrete5 here:

Concrete5 Homepage

Concrete5 API

Concrete5 Forums

Concrete5 Github

Concrete5 FTP installation: ... r=concrete

Kind Regards.