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Post by ragni » 2021-05-21 17:07

ianraba, I've tested up to PHP7.4 and it's working as described, sure there's hundreds of warnings but it works, I haven't tested in PHP8 but when I do I'm sure I'll get to the point you're getting to and will face the exact same errors. It's just a matter of time before I have to upgrade my servers PHP version so as soon as I get to do it I'll get back with what I find.

In the meanwhile... please, please continue to post your findings and solutions if found. There's still a few of us that will be very thankful.

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Re: Still Here

Post by sfonseca45 » 2021-05-26 13:20

Good morning ... I reviewed the address according to your suggestion ... I am trying to develop locally using Wampserver - PHP 7.3 version - and there is correct "http: //" ... I installed Xamp and gives the same error .. I am using a version of PHPAkt 3.7.1 that I had because I could not download it from the site ... it is not available ... this version I use is asking for registration ... is that it? Does anyone have the version of the site that is free to pass me? I have to update a school website and I am really lost and with very little time to do ...

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Re: Still Here

Post by ragni » 2021-08-05 06:13

I've just switched my DS to use PHP 8 and as expected all working files and scripts that were working ok in PHP 7 broke.

I updated the ADODB files which are compatible with PHP 8 and got rid of the first errors thrown. Now I'm, getting errors from the MX Kollection drivers that extend the ADODB drivers.

I'm working on it, so far I've made a successful database connection using MySQLi instructions but the recordset returned empty.

I'll try to update the files and see if PHP 8 compatibility is feasable.

As some instructions are deprecated, new ones fix many vulnerabilities found in the original code so if this is successful the new files will be less prone to hacking.

I'll keep posting any news and if successful I'll gladly share the files if anyone wants to use them.

Almost 20 years since the first Kollection was marketed as a DW extension and I'm still working with it!

And still... there are things kollection does that no other extension does well like nested repeated regions for example. Of course that on the design part I use frameworks like bootstrap and all kinds of js scripts.

My email: ragni(at)

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Re: Still Here

Post by jsmith » 2021-11-24 17:57

Are there still people using these tools when there are apps like Wappler available? You must be out of your mind to still use DW .... :roll:

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Re: Still Here

Post by mharding76 » 2022-11-28 07:56

Hi All,

I wanted to touch base and see who is still using Interakt extensions, apart from those mentioning they do, in this thread. I have used them on and off ever since they were released and I am just now back in a role where I can make really good use of the extensions. I am keen to get my extensions re-activated, as I have a new PC and really want to reactivate the licence. But I noticed the donate link on here isnt working. What's the latest with this site, I really hope it's still operational.

A bit of background, I have used the extensions in years past to build a customer LMS and also a customer invoicing web app and currently building a custom self service help desk ticketing system. Also have used for customer ecommerce websites, many moons ago, but I love the functionality of Interakt extensions and I still think how to solve needs at work and with clients with how I can do it with these extensions as well as a bit of custom classic ASP vb as well.

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Re: Still Here

Post by Fred » 2022-11-30 10:43

Still working Micheal.

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