e-mail subject from variable/includes

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e-mail subject from variable/includes

Post by piripacchio » 2011-05-23 16:32

Hi all,
I've created a registration system using CS4 + ADDT 1.
The website is a multilinguage one so I devloped it using session checking and include the related language file.

ok. it works.

Now I need to customize the send e-mail behaviour so that it will send an e-mail with a dynamic subject.
The subject text is coming from a php variable ($myvariable['myvar']).

I changed the line:

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$emailObj->setSubject("this is the subject I would like to customize");

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but the subject comes out empty.

Please note that the include is "included" at the top of the file so it should be available to the tng engine.

But probably I use the wrong syntax to do this.

Is there someone that knows the right syntax to do something similar?



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Re: e-mail subject from variable/includes

Post by Fred » 2011-05-26 09:34

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