PHP 7 Working (mostly)

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PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by ragni » 2019-06-03 02:02

Sorry to start a new thread regarding MX Kollection and PHP7 but I didn't want this info to get burried.

I'm currently using MX Kollection with PHP 7.1 and have only come across a couple of issues which I managed to solve.

After many tries and solutions offered in other threads my findings are here:

In one post the suggestions is to use a mysql to myslqi wrapper available on an external site: mysql2i.class which I did

try to use it but the issue here is that a DW connection cannot be made since DW does this internally. I tried messing

around on the connection scripts found at _mmServerScripts and trying to load the wrapper in the first line but it didn't

work for me so this solution was discarded.

Then I remembered that some time ago I used the Phakt 3.71 extension for a project with MS SQL Server so I had to go back

to DW8 from DWCS4 and install DW8 the 8.02 update, the Phakt 3.71 extension and MXKollection. This is the combo that's

working but it wasn't all automatic.

Once you install the extensions create a PHP4 document type and try to create a connection. DW will ask you to upload the

adodb folder but you must not upload the one created automatically, instead install the one that's a vailable on the

Friends of Interakt website, it's a patch that will correctly work with mysqli instructions.

Once you upload the updated adodb folder finish filling your connection and select MySQli as the database type, fill in all fields as per your database and include the database name, this is important because if you try to select it from the connection dialog you'll get a 500 error.

Once you're done hit the Test button and you'll get a successful connection message (hopefuly).

I've tested lists and forms and they work fine except for file uploads, these files related to uploads had to be corrected by replacing the "split" function with "explode", just change the word split with explode KT_FileUpload.class.php and KT_Folder.class.php. I haven't tried multiple file uploads or login transactions yet but the lists and forms that really save a lot of work and the reason why I still love these extensions still work.

Hope this helps someone. As for me I now know I can still stretch working with interakt products for at least 5 more years.

I use windows 7 and will probably have to upgrade my OS to say windows 10 sooner or later, I just hope I can still install DW8 in newer OS's, if not I'll resort to a virtual machine with windows 7 or something along those lines.

Please let me know if I can assist you trying to acomplish what I've described here.

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by energylevels » 2019-06-09 07:15

I'm using Kollection with PHP 7.2 and the PHAKT (extension) server model (ADODB PHP) with MySQLi

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by ragni » 2019-06-09 08:43

Great to know about MXKollection working on PHP 7.2! I just upgraded my PHP version too to 7.2 and it works like a charm with the PHP 5.5 patch found on this website that fixed the upload and resize image that wasn't working but it seems that the update broke the filters on my lists, filters show but on submit nothing gets filtered. Do you have that issue?

I've done some fiddling with the css to make MXKollection look a little less outdated:

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by sfonseca45 » 2019-06-27 20:45

Good afternoon
Where could I find some tutorial to update the extensions? I have a website of a school with administrative area, student area and teacher's area all developed with the extensions Interakat ... I need to update it for PHP 7 and also makes it responsive and I do not know where to start ... by kindly someone could provide a way to be followed ... Thank you .... text made in Google Translate

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by ragni » 2019-06-29 09:24

This post is about extending MXKollection's usable life span by creating new sites that are mostly compatible with newer versions of PHP, there's no easy way to update existing websites created with MXKollection to work with PHP7+ as far as I know.

I tried using a wrapper that converts Create, Read, Update and Delete operations from Mysql to Mysqli which MXKollection and ADDT don't support for PHP 7+ without the use of ADODB.

The wrapper seems to work with some limits, that is for data retreival it works fine, it replaces for example mysql_select statements with corresponding mysqli_select ones making websites work, but I haven't had any luck with MXKollection lists or forms working well. Seems much more code would have to be updated.

If you need to only display the contents of your current webiste in a PHP7+ environment the wrapper will probably do the trick, but if you need to use list and forms for updating the site I think this will not be totally possible as to my experience.

This is the wrapper: ... nsion.html

You just have to unpack it, upload it and include it (I used the Connections folder to upload it the connection's php file to include it).

Let me know if this works for you. If you need instructions in spanish just let me know.

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by sfonseca45 » 2019-06-29 22:33

Thanks for the answer ... but I think it will not work since I have several tables every month to update ... I'm going to test locally ... but I'm really thinking of starting from scratch and redoing the whole site ... once again thank you

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by dboy321 » 2019-08-01 04:42

Hi there guys,

Has anyone had any further progress running a site that was built many years ago to make it PHP 7+ compliant. I would really appreciate any feedback, suggestions and so on.

All the best.


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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by avpman » 2019-09-07 21:28

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by ragni » 2019-09-10 00:12

I have used it and it works for lists and simple forms, by simple I mean no file uploads and forms with menus as I've tested so far.

The real issue is that you cannot make a db connection to your database using dreamweaver so using this method works on sites that are already created (and don't use file uploads on forms for example), you won't be able to update them since dreamweaver won't create a connection and thus it won't be able to create or update php code.

I've tried to include this mysqli wrapper on the internal connection scripts dreamweaver uses but have had no luck. I'm going to keep trying though, if a connection form DW to database (using mysqli) can be made successfully then all other code in MXKollection can probably be updated.

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Re: PHP 7 Working (mostly)

Post by barbara » 2019-10-09 13:26

I tried it with the MySQL wrapper for MySQLi:
and the ereg wrapper:
Here you can find an explanation (but only in german)
For me it worked with php7.2, for insert, update and delete and file upload.

Has anyone tried it too. Any problems with security??
For questions and discussing you can always contact me.

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