Captcha Question

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Captcha Question

Post by atgtech » 2018-02-06 19:05

I am new to the Interakt community and I'm here because I have customers who do not want to upgrade their websites, so I need help.

How do I make the captcha work for a contact form? I do not even know if I have the correct version of Interakt to integrate a captcha into the form.

Also, is there a way to use a third-party captcha?

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Re: Captcha Question

Post by Fred » 2018-03-05 11:33

Sorry for the late reply.
Adding the captcha to a form is simply a case of "click" in design mode, where you want the captcha to be displayed and then add the behaviour.
The problem is that there is some bot somewhere that managed to "crack" the captcha and I had to figure out something else.

Currently, I am using "Google reCaptcha".
Just integrate it according to the docs available on the reCaptche website.

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