convert crypted password to text password

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convert crypted password to text password

Postby piripacchio » 2017-05-18 10:44

Hi all,
Unfortunately, I have a website that I need to change from ADDT to another system and I have to carry on username and passwords.
But I used encrypted passwords with ADDT and now they are unusable on the new system.
So, I need to convert a 1.300+ encrypted password to simple text passwords.
I have the original table and the randomkey.
But how can I convert these passwords?
Is there a way to de-crypt them?
Or have I to reset all passwords and send emails asking to change passwords to all users?
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Re: convert crypted password to text password

Postby Fred » 2017-05-23 09:33

Not sure how ADDT encrypt the passwords.
So you probably better off just resetting the passwords. You can always use the excuse that you doing a security audit and found most members didn't change their passwords.
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