NeXTensio Form Wizards stopped working

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NeXTensio Form Wizards stopped working

Postby RM2017 » 2017-03-01 15:20

I'm hoping someone might know how to fix this I have kollection pro 3.71 on a old mac (OS 10.5.8) running Dreamweaver 8.02 I keep running because of kollection sites I have still.

I think some of might have been related to install some DMXzone ext which I have removed.

Right now when I try to start Create NeXTensio Form Wizards and it just freezes and system says Dreamweaver not responding.

Anyone else have this issue ? Anyone have any suggestion. I'm too afraid to reinstall the extension because of no current activation key.

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Re: NeXTensio Form Wizards stopped working

Postby Fred » 2017-03-01 22:21

Check your PM.
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