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MX CSV Import - Export

Posted: 2011-04-08 21:34
by AllThingsMe
I'm looking for info on how this product works--if anyone who has this product from interakt is looking to share all they know about, I would appreciate it. It looks like it would come in handy? Are there extra files for it in the includes folder? Or is it simply a matter of knowing which statements to write? Code samples like the kind posted on the original interakt forums would be helpful. Like I said, I don't have this product and don't know how I could get my hands on it.

Re: MX CSV Import - Export

Posted: 2011-04-13 15:42
by Fred
ehhmmm what's the point in sharing everything I know about this product if you don't have it and it can't be bought any more?

Well basically is is a script that extracts the db content and formats it into a CSV file that you can download.
There are lots available for free on the web you just need to search.

Re: MX CSV Import - Export

Posted: 2011-04-30 08:25
by AllThingsMe
I'm looking for feedback on this product. For all I know, it amounts to a few lines of code, which is the case for other exporters. There is, afterall, plenty if code shared on the original interakt site, so I don't view this as an infringement on the license agreement, which I view as defunct anyway. But for the sake of
this forum, I want to keep my posts in bounds. Is the point becoming more clear yet? So please give
it some thought and see about posting something which may be of
help to someone in my situation, who, obviously, is under the impression this a product
worth having vs others like it.

Re: MX CSV Import - Export

Posted: 2011-04-30 12:26
by Fred
hhmmm let me see.
The idea of this site and forum is simply a place to chat and assist each other with issues that you might have in the updated development environment.
The website is a collection of tips, tricks and updates submitted by contributing members to try and build up a reference database if the original Interakt site goes down and to keep the extensions alive

I don't have a problem with sharing code, like you said it is already on the Interakt site.
My problem is what is the point of telling you everything I know about the product and give you examples of code if it is going to be of no use to anyone. The people that owns the extension knows how it works.It is not a site for sharing the extensions or soliciting other member to share /sell their copies.

Obviously it is more than just a few lines of code or Interakt wouldn't have sold it as a DW extension in the first place.
The information you want is available on the Interakt site.

Here we go... ... uct-Forum/ ... mentation/

Anything else?

Please accept my apologies if you feel I am wrong in what I said.

Re: MX CSV Import - Export

Posted: 2011-04-30 16:48
by AllThingsMe
This exchange cracks me up because my original post was meant as a veiled attempt to get my hands on the includes folder containing exporter, but I figured that wouldn't go over too well if I was so open about it. As far as crimes go, it would barely qualify as a misdemeanor given its age and that its discontinued. I'm willing to take my chances with the Feds and Interpol but I don't think other people necessarily should have to. I can already hear the gavel being hammered down on the case that will put me away were it not for the product's street value being 0 and the sum of the damages incurred amounting to just as much. Thanks for your replies.